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How came about

When It All Began and Who We Are

The problem existed 5 years ago, pre-covid in 2017. The setting, Singapore. A couple of cycling buddies, who happened to be graduates in sport science, were getting restless with the cycling scene. From their perspectives, the existing bicycle businesses did not present comprehensive bespoke solutions. Solutions that demonstrated understanding of performance and endurance. Curated product selection, backed with sound technical knowledge. Specialist ecommerce stores which sold more than just complete bicycles. And not only what’s in demand.

Why We Do This &
What We Stand for

Because instead of waiting for something to break the mould of the typical bike store, we decided to act. Because we believe there’s always a better way. And the essence of that is to feature responsive and outstanding customer service, one-of-a-kind authentic product offerings ranging from the most premium best-in-class to the affordable bang-for-buck, meticulous attention to detail and utmost honesty in our consultations, and an alternative business model that passes the savings to the consumer, direct from distributor.

Here’s to You,
the Optimized Cyclist. acknowledges the varying needs across the cycling community. We’re here to cater to them as far as we can. And that means we support the leisure cyclists who cruise along park connectors for recreation. Not forgetting those who see it as a sport and thrive on competitive cycling. The roadies. Mountainbikers sending it in the trails. Among these, there are the tinkerers who love fiddling with their bikes. Or even serial-upgraders, the ones who spare no effort in search of the next better component. We didn’t forget the weight-weenies – they’re the ones who only use featherweight components and accessories. And also the aficionados – they recognize quality and excellence in manufacturing and design innovation of premium brands. Be it for health and fitness or for commuting, hobbyists or hardcore enthusiasts, alone or in groups, and whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, we’ve made it our ride to provide the right experience to every cyclist constantly looking to optimize their ride experiences. 

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