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BikeBaju Male Bib (Short)


Named after Captain Bumblebee, the BumbleBib is designed to keep your prized possessions intact even in the bumpiest rides.

We’ve busted our own balls to R&D this bib to ensure maximum fit, comfort and durability. After putting ourselves to the grind, we’re happy to say no eggs were cracked in the process 🥚🍳🐣

Suit up and cup up that booty for your next ride. Make way, hot stuff coming your way 🍑🌶


Product Details

Each BB masterpiece is lovingly designed to help cyclists Stand Out & Be Seen. Painting bright, bold and beautiful colours into a cyclist’s life.

We’ve poured our heart & soul from the ideation down to the manufacturing process to ensure that you receive a garment that exceeds expectations.

Follow the care instructions on the label, and your BB will be your faithful ride companion for the years to come.



Chamois that moulds to fit you
Seamless hems that don’t dig into the skin
Fabric smooth as velvet, soft as baby’s bum
Power Grip edges and straps hold you in place
Classic, understated elegance to match your outstanding BB wardrobe

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