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BikeBaju Cycling Jersey – BatekFilip


Batik is beautiful on its own but translating the same beauty on a modern cycling jersey is a different art form altogether. After going back and forth on the drawing board countless times, we finally struck gold. When we held the first prototype lovingly in our hands, we took in a long deep breath and whispered to ourselves, “THIS is it.” From the Haus of BB, another masterpiece is born. Say hello to the BatekFilip. Doesn’t cost you a house or a fortune, but a modern living art that you can wear with pride. Exceedingly photogenic too.


Important Notes

Please be aware that the intricate patterns and designs featured on our jerseys may experience slight variations when scaled to accommodate different sizes. This variation is a normal aspect of the production process and arises due to the technical challenges in maintaining the exact design proportions across a wide range of sizes.

Our design and manufacturing teams work diligently to ensure that the essence of the pattern is preserved in all sizes. However, due to the inherent complexities in scaling, there might be subtle differences in how the pattern appears on larger or smaller sizes compared to the reference photo on our website.

We understand that visual consistency is important, and we assure you that the overall aesthetic and quality of the jersey remains consistent across all sizes. As such, any minor variations between sizes is deemed normal and not considered a defect.


Lightweight Italian Performance Fabric
V-Neck Collar For Supreme Comfort & Style
3-Piece Body Construction For Aerodynamics
High Visibility 3M Reflector With BikeBaju Branding
3-Reinforced Depth Pockets With Anti-Skid Silicone
Invisible Hidden Side Zipper For Enhanced Security
Stitchless Arm & Power Band For Optimum Blood Flow
YKK Full-Length Zipper With Chromatic BikeBaju Detailing

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