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Otion Hand Grip


  • Reduce pressure on your palm on long ride.
  • Thousand micro fingers on the surface of RoHG serve to grip your fingers.
  • Not only vibration absorbing micro fingers
  • The excellently gripping performance can improve your braking reaction.
Product Details

There are about 40%~50% of body weight press on a very narrow area of our palms during cycling.
This situation easily causes palm’s blood flow not well. Pain & soreness happen as well. If doesn’t care for those sports injuries. They would become lead to the handlebar palsy.

The major force points between hands and hoods are rider’s palms hoods. We find, while sporting, not to make it move can reduce the un-comfort, & enhance power transmission.

There are thousands of “microfingers” on the surface of RoHG serve to grip your palms, micro fingers and equally release pressure. You can save some power to hold the hoods.

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