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Shimano Road Shifter Cable and Housing Set

Its radius (r) of the curved cable is routed from the bicycle frame to the rear derailleur. The commonly used shifter cable outer housing, OT-SP41 is too stiff for such small radius that it could cause technical problems on the adjutment barrel and disturpt quick and smooth engagement and disengagement of the rear wheel from the frame. By using the OT-SP41, such problems can be avoided as the stiffness is reduced on OT-SP 41.

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Product Details
  • Shimano Zinc Derailleur Cables
  • Shifter cable length: 2100mm x 2
  • Shifter cable housing whole bike (OT-SP41): 1700mm x 1
  • Shifter cable housing diameter (OT-SP41) : 4mm
  • Include 2 x inner cable end cap, 2 x short outer cable cap, 1 x sealed outer cap for rear derailleur, 1 x outer cap for front derailleur for full cable outing routing, 2 x cover cap for in frame cap
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