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Wilier Filante SLR Astana 2023 Disc Brake Frameset With Handlebar


This is the new Team Astana for 2023.

Important Notes

This is frameset ONLY.

Includes : –

Seatpost expander
Thru Axles


5 years frame warranty from Wilier Triestina.
Request official receipt for warranty registration from us.
Read warranty conditions and register warranty within 10 days of purchase here.

Product Details


The new master in the art of aero

The natural evolution of Cento10PRO, our high-end aerodynamic bike used by professionals.

Filante SLR is an extremely lightweight aerodynamic bicycle with a significantly improved stiffness to weight ratio. We used the same materials and technology as in the construction of the Wilier 0 SLR.

The result is a top of the range, aerodynamic frame that complements our pure ascent bike used by Astana Qazaqstan Team.

Filante SLR was designed to maximise aerodynamic performance in real environmental conditions. The design was based on data recorded in the wind tunnel (where the wind is very clean for homogeneous empirical results) while also taking the real world into account. In this way, we not only evaluate typical wind tunnel data (yaw angles from -20° to + 20°), but also consider environmental turbulence that impacts the bike for many different reasons.

That’s why we redesigned the profiles, starting with the standard NACA airfoils/ KAMM tail that no longer have sharp edges on the back. The softened angles improve performance even when the air flow is disturbed.
The inside of the front fork has been widened by 7 mm, making it 13.6% wider than the Cento10PRO. In doing so, we moved the fork blades away from the wheel, reducing turbulence and improving aerodynamics.

The new aerodynamically optimised profiles helped us eliminate extra weight in the frame’s construction. The shape has no sharp edges, therefore requires less material and less resin in the corners. This improves homogeneity of the inside, reducing the frame’s weight to a mere 870 grams.
The assembled bike with top-of-the-range specifications weighs 6.8 kg.
The Filante monocoque handlebar is made of the same carbon we use for the Wilier 0 SLR. Thanks to the different types of carbon we used in combination with the Liquid-Crystal Polymer, the unique fibre positioning and the construction technology, we have reached an absolute level of lightness and stiffness.
The lower overall weight compared to the exceptional stiffness increases STW by 12.5%. This improvement is clearly felt with the steering precision and the feeling of safety at high speeds.

Since the fork steerer tube is no longer bevelled, we can install up to 35 mm of spacers under the handlebar. By combining frame sizes, handlebar sizes and spacers, we can achieve 240 different fittings, with no overlap between combinations. This doubles with the two available seat posts, with 15 mm or 0 mm setback.

In addition to being lightweight, (350 grams for the 101×42 size) the new integrated carbon monocoque Filante Bar handlebar houses the brake and derailleur cables, directing them toward the inside of the frame. Its design is very simple, with sinuous and rounded lines for maximum grip ergonomics.


With the Wilier Zero SLR, Wilier Triestina is introducing a super lightweight bike with disc brakes and fully integrated cables for the first time on the market.

The Wilier Zero SLR can be assembled only with electronic shifting and disc brakes. The excellence of the frame is paired with the excellence of the equipment.

The Wilier Zero SLR can be cleaned like any other racing bike. We recommend wiping it with a soft cloth and mild soap, then drying it completely before use.

ZERO INTEGRATED HANDLEBAR is the handlebar made specifically for the Wilier Zero SLR. It is available in five sizes. ALABARDA, STEMMA and BARRA can also be installed on it.

There are two possible configurations. One with 0 mm setback and one with -15 mm setback. Both types of seatposts are designed by Wilier Triestina and are compatible with Ritchey 1-bolt head clamps. Aerodynamic configuration.

Wilier guarantees compatibility between the Mavic Speed Release axle and wheels used for OEM assemblies (installed in factory). If different wheels are used, Wilier recommends you check compatibility with the axle and that there is no separation from the hub following removal of the speed release. Wilier Triestina cannot be held liable when different wheels are used.

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