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CeramicSpeed is company known for its bearings. They’ve grown to over 50 countries, with an ever expanding team of unique individuals in offices across Europe, Asia, and America.
In 1998, Jacob Csizmadia broke the world record for 24hr inline skating – using skates equipped with ceramic ball bearings. Two years later, he introduced ceramic bearings to professional cycling.
In 2001, Jacob went on tour with Team CSC where ceramic bearings were used at the Tour de France for the very first time.
After this success, CeramicSpeed was founded, and they started producing hybrid bearings in Holstebro, Denmark, for both sports and industrial applications.
Using technology developed as part of NASA’s space program in the 1990s, their hybrid bearings are made with top-grade silicon nitride ceramic balls, making them 58% lighter and 30-50% faster than traditional steel bearings.
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