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Elitewheels Drive G45 Disc Brake Carbon Wheelset (Shimano Freehub/XDR Freehub)


The G45 is a stiff, all-around wheelset for gravel riding. It is the first gravel wheelset available on the market that uses carbon spokes. The use of carbon spokes as well as UNI technology has allowed us to design a 1300g, 45mm deep wheelset.

Important Notes

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What's Included

Carbon Spoke Wheelset

Brake Interface: Center Lock by default & 6-bolt

Product Details

Drive G45

Our innovative rim makes use of our unique UNI technology. The G45 wheelset uses a U-shaped rim which has the aerodynamic advantages of a road wheel. It’s 24mm inner rim width supports 700*30c-50c tires. This flexibility allows for road riding or trail riding. The G45 is truly a force to be reckoned with regardless of the riding you do. The glossy marble carbon fiber design gives the wheelset a unique and striking appearance.

Drive G45 Carbon Spoke Gravel Wheelset Disc brake Rims


The G45 wheelset includes a custom, high-end hub that uses a double-walled waterproof design. The hub flanges have been specifically designed to be simple and practical in form. This makes for easy cleaning of the hub after riding in muddy conditions.

As the hub uses premium ceramic bearings for less rolling resistance. Using these allows for a much longer service life as compared to steel bearings.

Drive G45 Carbon Spoke Gravel Wheelset Disc brake Hubs


Drive G45 uses high modulus carbon fiber spokes. The wheels are 7% stiffer than a comparable wheelset using steel spokes. This difference in stiffness is immediately apparent when out for a ride. Carbon spokes are also three times more fatigue resistant than their steel counterparts. The loss of tension experienced riding steel spokes with long-term use can essentially be avoided.

Drive G45 Carbon Spoke Gravel Wheelset Disc brake Spokes


The wheelset has flawlessly passed our 20,000km rough surface factory/laboratory tests which simulate gravel riding conditions. This far exceeds the en17406 test standard.

Drive G45 Carbon Spoke Gravel Wheelset Disc brake Durability



Series:Drive G45
Wheel Size: 700c
Tire Compatibility: Clincher/ Tubeless
Rim Depth: 45mm
Inner Width: 24mm
Outer Width: 31mm

Front Spoke Pattern: 2X/Radial
Rear Spoke Pattern :2X/2X
Spoke Count: 20F/20R
Spoke Type: Carbon CS-01
Nipple Type: Alloy Secure Lock

Front Hub Spacing: 12x100mm
Rear Hub Spacing: 12x142mm
Bearing: NBK Ceramic
Brake Compatibility: Disc (Center Lock)
Freehub Type: 4 Pawls Freehub
Compatibility: Shimano / SRAM XDR

Extras: Rim Tape(Installed), Tubeless Valves(Installed), Spokes(3)
Weight (Pair): 1300±30g
Rider Weight Limit: 285lbs/130kg
Recommended Tire Sizes: 700 x 30-50c
Intended Use: Gravel



Which frames can I use with the Drive G45 wheelset?

The Drive G45 is a gravel wheelset which are typically used with wider, gravel specific tires. Different frames have different tire clearances. You can check with the frame brand as to what size tires can be used on their particular frame. The G45 can also be fitted with road tires, but we recommend the tire width to be at least 28c. Since our gravel wheels only come in disc brake versions, only disc brake road bikes can be fitted with them. The tire clearance on a road frame is also important when what size tire to use.

What kind of riding can I do with the G45?
The G45 is a very versatile wheelset. It can be used on both for road riding as well as gravel riding. Please make sure you use the appropriate type of tire depending on the riding surface.

Which brands” free hubs are compatible with DRIVE wheel sets?
Since the hubs used in DRIVE wheels are manufactured in Elitewheels’ factory, freehubs from other brands are incompatible. The hubs used in DRIVE wheels have passed our 20,000km test. As long as you ride in normal conditions, the possibility of the freehub getting damaged is very low. If you ride in extreme conditions, we recommend you clean the freehub every 3000km.

Is there an internal nipple option?
Internal nipples are not available because the nipples for carbon spokes are specially processed. The contact angle between spokes and spoke holes is extremely important. Spokes should not directly come into contact the rim directly, otherwise there would be a high likelihood of having spoke break.

Can I change to 6 bolt?
Yes. DRIVE uses center lock hubs by default, but if you want to use 6-bolt with an adapter.

Are ceramic bearings easily broken?
As all our our hubs have high-precision manufacturing tolerances, bearing play is significantly reduced. Because of this, the likelihood of bearings being damaged is extremely low.

What does the rider weight limit include?
The rider weight limit includes the total weight of the rider, bike, gear, and any other accessories. Please do not exceed this weight.

What tire pressures should I run?
The best tire pressure for you depends on many factors: the rim width, type of bike and tires, rider weight, road conditions and weather conditions.

How strong are your carbon rims? What happens if I break one?
Every one of our carbon rims has been strictly tested before shipment. We are so confident in the quality of our rims that we offer a 3-year warranty on every one.

Are carbon spokes covered under warranty?
Our standard 3-year warranty and extended 5-year warranty covers carbon spokes if they are damaged by non-external factors. This means they are only covered if there is a manufacturing defect.

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