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Finish Line Showroom Polish & Protectant with Ceramic / Technology (12oz / 1Litre)


Showroom Polish and Protectant™
Enjoy the Shine!

Showroom™ Polish & Protectant with Ceramic Technology delivers maximum luster, it repels water, and prevents grime buildup. Your bike and components will stay clean for longer intervals. Showroom is safe for use on clear coat, carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium, steel, chrome, and stainless steel.

Product Details

Simply spray on and let sit for 10 seconds. Then wipe off with a clean rag. Due to Showroom’s proprietary formulation there is no need to pre-wash the bike. Enjoy the shine!

Showroom Polish & Protectant will:

-Clean frames and components without a prewash
-Protect the bicycle from water and perspiration
-Prevent a buildup of grit and grime
-Keep your bicycle looking new

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