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Haki Super Strength Degreaser Solution


Want to clean your bike but find it difficult to get it shiny? Look no further, the answer is right in front of you.

Our specially formulated HAKI Super Strength Bike Chain Degreaser solution will make your bike shiny again. They understand how hard it is to remove dirt and grime on our bikes. They have tried many brands of degreaser and most of them hardly work well or are too expensive. That is why they have formulated HAKI Super Strength Degreaser, just for you, to make your life easier and go easy on your wallet.

Product Details

Nobody likes the smell of chemicals and that is why our degreaser contains natural water-soluble plant extracts to provide an aroma that soothes and calm you down! Safe for use in homes, offices and industrial areas.

Efficient, Effective and Biodegradable

After the rigorous process of testing, reformulating and testing again, we are confident that HAKI degreaser is one of the best and will easily make your chain sparkle again. Our environment is also in your hands. Lots of environmentally harmful chemicals are used in many degreasers sold in the market. Our degreaser is biodegradable, eco-friendly and safe for metal, plastic, rubber, seals, and the environment. Do your part for the environment by choosing only biodegradable options. Many conventional degreasers are highly corrosive but our super strength degreaser combines the right concentration to disperse heavy oils, making your chain shiny again.

HAKI Super Strength Bike Chain Degreaser solution can be poured directly into a chain cleaning device or sprayed directly to your drivetrain.

To avoid any spillage, place some newspaper directly below the cassette and position the bicycle chain parallel to the ground.
Regular cleaning prevents the deterioration of the chain and the drivetrain system. This ensures higher performance, more fluid gear shifting and longer drivetrain life.
1. For muddy or sandy bikes, remove residue from the chain and other components using HAKI Bicycle Chain Brush.
2. Attach HAKI Chain Cleaning Tool to the lower section of the bicycle chain.
3. Fill with HAKI Super Strength Degreaser Solution to the line.
4. Spin the pedal for about 2 revolutions for the chain to be soaked with HAKI Super Strength Degreaser solution and leave it for about 1 to 2 minutes, for the solution to break down the grease.
5. Spin the pedal again for another 30 revolutions for HAKI Chain Cleaning Tool to thoroughly remove all the dirt and grease.
6. Empty dirty solution out of HAKI Chain Cleaning Tool and fill it with clean water to the line.
7. Spin the pedal for about 30 more revolutions to remove the leftover degreaser OR spray thoroughly with water.
8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 about 2 to 3 more times to completely remove the leftover degreaser.
9. Clean with a dry cloth immediately then re-lubricate the chain and drivetrain parts within an hour to prevent rusting.

· Clean the tool and chain thoroughly after use
· Wearing of gloves is recommended if you have sensitive skin



120 mL specially formulated degreaser in our durable HDPE bottle. 120 mL can last you about 3 bike washes.
500 mL specially formulated degreaser in our durable HDPE bottle. 500 mL can last you about 10 bike washes.


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