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Lollipop 69+ Speedplay Zero Road Bike Pedal

Product details of Lollipop 69+ Speedplay Zero road bike pedal titanium alloy track sprint special bicycle pedal clamp Pedal accessories


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Product Details

Speed play Zero Pave Track Sprint Special bicycle pedal
Color: black (titanium alloy axis) / black (steel axis)
Material: Titanium alloy;
Lock pedal weight: 148g a pair of titanium alloy axle / 215g a pair of steel axle;
The weight of aluminium alloy splint: 60g/pair,
ring seat 21g/pair;
3-hole splint stack height: 11.5mm 11.5mm;
4-hole splint stack height: 8.5mm 8.5mm;
Titanium Alloy Pedal Lock: Titanium alloy main fastener has strong wear resistance, built-in bearing structure, smooth and reliable rotation;
Titanium alloy splint: adjustable 0-15 degrees, free floating, wear-resistant titanium alloy tread, easy walking;



Product include:
Titanium alloy locking splint*2pcs
3-hole transfer base*2pcs
Lock pedal * 2pcs
Transfer seat long screw*6pcs
Transfer seat short screw * 6pcs
Splint fixing screw*8pcs;

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