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Speedplay Platformer 2.0

The Speedplay Platformer 2.0 is a user-friendly, tool-free platform cover. Speedplay pedals are not the easiest to ride when wearing sandals or street shoes so the Platformer 2.0 comes to the rescue. Now you can do quick errands without the need to don your cleated cycling shoes and have a supportive surface for your foot. This 2.0 version is much lighter and more low profile with a low 110 gram weight for a pair of Platformers – enough for two pedals.

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Product Details

The Platformer 2.0 makes it easy to convert from clipless pedals to platforms for riding with street shoes. Just place a key or coin inside the middle of the U-shaped spring and pry the spring over the bumps to remove it from the platform. Then place the Platform over the pedal body. Make sure the pedal spindle is placed in the spindle cavity of the Platform. Finally, slide the spring in from the outside of the Platform and push or tap the spring until it snaps over the locking security bumps.

Select Platformer 2.0 Zero for all Zero pedals and Platformer 2.0 Light Action for Light Action pedals.

New improved design
Tool free installation
Adds platforms to pedals for riding with street shoes or sandals
Includes a pair of Platformers – enough for two pedals

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